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 – a collaborative between Reach Reaching Diversity and The Communication Bridge – presents:

Effective Listening & Memory Retention for Consecutive Interpreting of Medical Conversations – a continuing education skill-based workshop

Workshop Description:

The goal of this workshop is to advance consecutive interpreting skills for interpreters who facilitate communication of medical conversations when speakers do not share the same language in healthcare and legal settings.

This 7-instructional hour skill-based workshop utilizes a series of active listening techniques to enhance interpreters’ ability to understand what the speakers are saying and extract meaning.   It also teaches them how to reduce distractions and significantly improve memory intake by exploring memory styles and practicing strategies and mnemonic techniques to retrieve and analyze information.
Finally, the same listening skills & memory retention techniques are practiced during a series of consecutive interpreting exercises to help maintain accuracy and completeness.

When: Saturday, July 11th from 9:00am to 5:00pm
Where: UC Irvine Health, 101 The City Drive South, Orange, CA 92868
How To Register: Use Payment Button and Registration Form Here

[Approved for 7 CCHI CEUs, 0.7 IMIA CEUs, 7 ATA CEUs and 6 CIMCEs]

Early bird: $150
Regular Fee: $185
On-site registration: $200

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Spanish Translation & Interpretation Services

Spanish Translation and Proofreading of Documents
I provide professional Spanish Translation Services. I am an American Translators Association Certified Spanish/English Translator and have 30 years experience translating between English and Spanish.
Thanks to my South of the border upbringing, I am truly bilingual and bicultural and can help you navigate cultural as well as linguistic challenges.
  • My areas of experience and expertise include: medical, health, education, social services, human services and nutrition, and human resources
  • Extensive experience translating patient focused material
Who uses my services?
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Business Oweners
  • Human Resources Departaments
  • Social and Human Services Organizations
Spanish Interpretation Services
I provide Spanish-English on-site interpretation services in Sonoma, Marin and Napa counties in Northen California. I have been certified by the California State Personnel Board as a Worker’s Compensation Medical Interpreter since 2005, and have 20 years experience in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation in a variety of settings.
Who uses my services?
Human Resource Departments
You face daily challenges communicating with your Spanish-speaking employees. You know that you must ensure full compliance with every required labor and safety regulation  and that your Spanish-speaking employees must fully understand them. Here are some of the situations where I can help:
  • Company-wide meetings with announcements about existing and newly enacted safety regulations that your Spanish speaking personnel must understand
  • Sensitive face-to-face meetings on human resource issues
  • Health and safety meetings
  • Insurance information
  • Employee handbooks
  • Work instruction manuals
Other Settings Where my Spanish Interpretation Services are Used
  • Hospitals and Medical Offices
  • Medical and Health Conferences
  • Legal Offices
  • Human Services Agencies
  • Public Forums and Meetings
  • Educational Institutions
  • Research and Training Centers


Spanish Translation/Interpretation Services, Santa Rosa

    Make your business more successful by utilizing professional Spanish Translation Services and Spanish Interpretation Services. 
    What’s the difference between the two?

  • Translation is written, whereas interpretation is spoken.
For business owners:
  • Do you feel frustrated because you can’t communicate with your Spanish-speaking employees?
  • Are you concerned about being in compliance with labor and safety regulations regarding your Spanish-speaking employees?
  • Would you like to access the Hispanic market?
Menu of services:
  • Spanish Translation Services & Interpretation Services
For doctors, lawyers and other professionals working with Spanish-speaking clients or patients:
  • Are you getting your message across accurately, smoothly and efficiently?
  • Do you understand what the Spanish speaker is saying?
  • Do you know that untrained “bilinguals” are a major risk for interpretation errors, leading to communication errors that can have devastating consequences?
  • Are you worried about liability issues resulting from poor communication?
Menu of services:

Where language differences are no longer a barrier, they’re a bridge.

Put the power of language to work for your success!